The Best XPEL Paint Protection Film & Clear Bra Installer in Orlando FL

Get the best protection against rock chips and scratches combined with the best installation and after installation support Orlando has to offer!

Backed by 10 Years of Warranty
Get piece of mind with 10 years of warranty against yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering & delaminating,
Self-Healing Clear Bra
Get improved gloss & dirt repellency with a free ceramic coating install on your clear bra - exclusively at Proficient X!
A Virtually Invisible Installation
Don't impact the appearance of your car with our computer-cut and seamless PPF installation.
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Don't Let Rock Chips and Scuffs Ruin Your Car's Look and Value!

In a world of rocks, road debris, bird droppings, bug splatter, UV rays, acid rain, and a host of other environmental contaminants, what’s a new car owner to do? Orlando's roads fight against the look and quality of your car’s paint.

How can you and your car fight back? With XPEL Clear Bra! It is without a doubt the most comprehensive form of automotive paint protection near you!

What is Paint Protection Film?

Better known as PPF or Clear Bra, Paint Protection Film is a urethane film that is wrapped around a car’s exterior to provide a line of defense against environmental hazards.

A quality film will prevent rock chips, resist chemical stains and etching, guard against oxidation, and even self-heal from scratches and disfigurements. Proficient X is the best Paint Protection Film shop in Orlando to help you keep your car look and value longer!

Our Installation Packages

Full Frontal
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Full Vehicle
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The Benefits of XPEL Paint Protection Film

Self-Healing Technology

On top of its hyper-glossy finish and superior impact protection, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS eliminates scratches and swirl-marks by itself over time when it is exposed to heat.

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Guards Against Chips, Scratches and Scuffs

With its hyper-elastic composition, PPF delivers incredibly more resistance to common cosmetic damages inflicted to cars on the road such as road rashes and bumper scuffs.

Maintains a Higher Resale Value

Clear bra prevents the natural deterioration and aging process of your paint, helping you retain your vehicle's value and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs at a bodyshop.

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Stain & Etching Resistant

Bird droppings, bug guts, brake dust, UV rays and other contaminants or pollutants will never leave the film stained or yellow, unlike lower quality alternatives. Even spray paint isn't able to stick to XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS!

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Why Use Proficient X to Install XPEL Clear Bra on Your Car?

Edgeless / Seamless Installation Available!

With seams or without seams? This is the most important question that the majority of consumers are never asked when purchasing a clear bra package for their vehicle.

Many paint protection film installers prefer laying down film with seams visible around every edge of each panel and emblem because it's faster, and therefore more profitable for them.

What We Do

We perform custom tailored installation to each client's requests for their vehicle.

From disassembling specific areas of the vehicle to wrap the edges of the film, to debadging and rebadging to OEM spec for a more seamless look, no request is left unattended to when it comes to our paint protection film installations.

Free Ceramic Coating Upgrade on Film ($999 Value*)

Offer Expires October 30th, 2019.

Enhance the appearance of your XPEL film while increasing its self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties with a free ceramic coating upgrade! We'll install XPEL Fusion on all films installed on your vehicle at no extra charge.

*$999 value on full vehicle coverage. $399 value on full front coverage.

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State-Of-The-Art Clear Bra Shop & Equipment

We employ only the latest software and equipment to cut and install you film, guaranteeing you'll get the best installation results and longest lasting performance out of your paint protection film.

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The Best Paint Protection Film Shop in Orlando...
But don't just take our word for it!

I've known Andy Ward (Owner of Proficient X) for years. His attention to detail and dedication to getting the job down the rite way the first time has always been his motto. You can see all of these phenomenal attributes in his detail work and since I have had the pleasure to have worked with him at Gotham Dream Cars I saw his work first hand. I wouldn't trust anyone other then Andy Ward to detail any of my vehicles hands down... Keep up the hard work!!! Congratulations on the success and may it continue.

Adam Reid

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I operate a classic/exotic high end storage facility. I met Andy for the very first time in June 2016. He was invited into prepare a clients’ Ferrari for sale. Watching him assess a car's paint condition is akin to watching a jeweler cut a diamond. And that's before he starts the correction process.
He has the ability to gauge how many microns of clear coat a 2000 sandpaper will remove just by the sound. Really! Don't under estimate your return on investment. Andy's service shouldn’t be considered a luxury. If you fully appreciate your asset, it’s a necessity. Be forewarned though, when your investment is turned back over to you, you won't want to drive it. Put the Baby Grand Piano in the garage and make room for a new centrepiece.

Kevin Quirk

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Andy "Whoady" Ward is the best and most thorough detailer I've met to date. THE best.

Noah Lehmann-Haupt

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